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Environmental Considerations

Informations according to the german „Batteriegesetz”

Our shipment could contain batteries and accumulators, therefore we have, according to the german  `Batteriegesetz` (BattG) , to inform you as follows:

Batteries and accumulators should not be disposed as household rubbish. Instead it is obligate by law to give back used batteries and accumulators.
Used batteries can contain harmful substances that could harm the environment or your health if not disposed properly.
Batteries and accumulators as well contain important raw materials like iron, manganese or nickel, that could be reused.
The used batteries you can send back to us or bring them to a local recycling place, a shop or to our store without any charge. This is limited only to the amount that is usual for end-users and those kind of batteries the shop itself distributes or has distributed.

Symbol: durchgekreuzte Mülltonne

This sign means, you should not dispose batteries and accumulators as household rubbish.

Additionally you may find the following symbols, their meaning in ():

Pb (batterie contains lead)

Cd (batterie contains cadmium)

Hg (batterie contains mercury)